— Frequently Asked Questions  

What is a Patient-Focused Concierge Membership-Based Medical Practice?

Palmetto Park Concierge Care, led by Dr. Wishnov, offers a unique and personalized approach to medical care through a patient-focused concierge membership-based model. This premium medical practice ensures that the physician can dedicate ample time to address the individual healthcare needs of each patient. By limiting the size of the practice to approximately 20% of a traditional primary care practice, the physician can provide enhanced attention and quality care. In order to access these benefits, patients are required to pay an annual membership fee.

Do I still see Dr. Wishnov when I am sick?

Absolutely. Dr. Wishnov is committed to delivering the same high-quality care you have come to expect. If you are sick we guarantee that you will be seen the same day or next day.  Whether you require medical attention in the office, hospital, or even at home, Dr. Wishnov will be there to provide the necessary healthcare services. Additionally, Dr. Wishnov follows up with patients in selected rehabilitation and long-term care facilities to ensure comprehensive and continuous care.

What happens if Dr. Wishnov is on vacation or unavailable?

During any period when Dr. Wishnov is away or unavailable, your care will be seamlessly managed by another provider. Rest assured, you will receive the same level of expertise, time and care during such instances, without a significant  wait time.

What is the cost associated with this personalized care?

The annual membership fee for this level of personalized care is affordably priced. You can conveniently make the payment using a credit card, cash, or a check made out to Dr. Wishnov.

Please call our office and speak to Janet to discuss pricing.

Will Medicare or Commercial Health Insurance cover the annual fee?

No, the annual fee is not covered by Medicare or Commercial Health Insurance. Medicare and Commercial Insurance will continue to function as customary and co-pays will be collected at each visit.

Can I use my FSA or HSA account to pay the annual fee?

Yes, in most cases you can use your FSA or HSA account to pay your membership fee. The utilization of your FSA (Flexible Spending Account) or HSA (Health Savings Account) to pay the annual fee depends on the specifics of your plan. To ascertain whether it is an eligible expense, it is advisable to consult with your accountant, financial planner or benefits manager.

Is the annual fee tax deductible?

The tax deductibility of the annual fee may vary based on individual circumstances. It is recommended to consult with your tax advisor to determine whether you qualify for any deductions.

Will my dependents be covered?

No, the annual membership fee only covers you. But we do offer pricing for additional family members at a discounted rate.

What if I do not want to join the concierge practice?

You have the option to see one of my Nurse Practitioners, Leanne Butler or Anne Mon, under my supervision. Alternatively, you may seek care from another primary care provider.

Dr Bruce Wishnov and his entire team from receptionists to medical practitioners are an outstanding practice. This is due to not only the level of their medical knowledge which is exceptional but the caring they show their patients. They literally go the extra mile for you no matter what the situation. You know they actually really care about their patients and know who you are when you come in. There is not a merry go round of staff and if you work there you must live up to his high standards of competence and kindness.

— Pamela Maraziti, Google Business Review —

Never thought I would live so long!! Dr Wishnov has been taking care of me for almost 30 years and I have never felt better. He is caring and professional and provides medical care that goes way beyond excellent. My wife and I are fortunate to be his patients.

— David Bass, Google Business Review —

Dr. Wishnov is a wonderful doctor. As a recent NY transplant, my husband and I spent time looking for high quality doctors in Florida as we were used to. Dr. Wishnov is it for us! He spends time listening to us, and we never feel like he is rushing to the next patient. My husband is the type who needs reassurance on his health and loves to consider Dr. Wishnov “his quarterback”. We have recommended him to friends and they all feel the same way.

— R, Google Business Review —

Dr. Wishnov is a first class professional and amazing at his craft. I recently brought my 87-year-old Dad to him and he made my Dad feel very comfortable and very much at home with the way that he explained things on the level of my Dad. I am in the process of making an appointment now to take my 84-year-old mother to him as well. It is very difficult for elderly people to change their doctors but Dr. Wishnov made it simple for them. His staff is very friendly, accommodating and do whatever they can to make your visit as pleasant as possible. I strongly recommend Dr. Bruce Wishnov! 

— Jim Luciano, Google Business Review —