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Welcome to Palmetto Park Concierge Care – Putting Your Health First

At Palmetto Park Concierge Care in Boca Raton, Florida, we prioritize your health above all else. Our dedicated team is committed to providing exceptional healthcare services tailored to your unique needs. We believe in personalized care and attention, ensuring that you receive the highest level of medical support.

Dr. Wishnov, is a highly skilled and experienced family medicine physician with over 30 years in practice. He offers personalized and comprehensive healthcare services through his concierge medicine practice. He recognized the flaws in the traditional healthcare system and created a better solution by establishing an independent, membership-based practice called Palmetto Park Concierge Care.

Palmetto Park Concierge Care limits the number of patients in the program to ensure that Dr. Wishnov can dedicate more time and attention to each individual. This approach allows for stronger relationships, greater accessibility, and higher patient satisfaction. This will also give Dr. Wishnov the time to understand patients’ unique healthcare needs, family medical history, and goals to create and develop more personalized treatment plans.

The emphasis on concierge medicine means that patients receive a higher level of care and attention compared to traditional doctors. We can prioritize the patient’s well-being and work collaboratively to achieve lifelong health goals.

Services offered include an annual wellness check, preventive care, health screenings, wellness programs, nutrition guidance, fitness advice.

Dr. Wishnov and his team are dedicated to positively impacting the lives of their patients by delivering exceptional, personalized, and patient-centered healthcare services.

Palmetto Park Concierge Care Team

Dr. Bruce Wishnov, D.O., P.A

Dr. Bruce Wishnov, D.O., P.A.

Dr. Bruce Wishnov is a highly skilled Family Medicine physician with over 30 years of experience serving the Boca community. He is board certified in Family Medicine and has actively contributed to various quality management committees at West Boca Medical Center and Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance.

After graduating from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, Dr. Wishnov completed his internship at John Kennedy Memorial in New Jersey and went on to specialize in Family Medicine through his residency at Metropolitan Hospital in Philadelphia. Alongside his expertise in family medicine, he possesses a deep passion for psychiatry, diabetic management, cardiovascular disease, and aesthetic medicine.

In addition to his dedication to patient care, Dr. Wishnov is actively involved in the management and operations of his traditional medical practice and Nurse Practitioners. He is proud to serve on the staff of West Boca Medical Center while also owning and operating Palmetto Park Care Concierge.

Dr. Wishnov, originally from Philadelphia, relocated to Florida in 1985, where he has since made a lasting impact on the community he serves. Outside of his medical practice, Dr. Wishnov enjoys spending quality time with his three grown children, who reside in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. He shares his home with a lively golden doodle named Cooper, who brings joy and companionship to his life.

When not caring for patients, Dr. Wishnov leads an active lifestyle. He engages in various outdoor activities such as golfing, skiing, hiking, running, and cycling. He is an ardent fitness enthusiast and finds solace in the world of literature.

Among his many passions, Dr. Wishnov is an unwavering Philadelphia Eagles Football fan, cheering on his beloved team with great enthusiasm.

Janet Holley

Janet Holley

Janet Holley is a dedicated professional with over 27 years of experience in the medical field, specializing in exceptional office management. Janet’s passion for her work extends beyond her professional life. She takes immense pride in her role as a mother to two wonderful children and adores her three grandchildren. Janet’s beloved dog, Milo, is a cherished companion who brings joy to her workplace, greeting patients and putting smiles on their faces as they check-in.

With a diverse background encompassing both clinical and administrative responsibilities, Janet has proven her versatility and expertise. For over a decade, she has served as the esteemed office manager at Dr. Bruce Wishnov’s practice, showcasing her exceptional leadership and organizational skills. Prior to this role, she dedicated her time to imparting knowledge and mentoring aspiring medical professionals as a medical assisting instructor at Keiser University.

Janet Holley’s unwavering dedication to office management, her commitment to fostering strong relationships, and her ability to create a welcoming environment make her an invaluable asset in her professional sphere.

Dr Bruce Wishnow is THE BEST Doctor around as far as I’m concerned. He is DETERMINED to help his patients stay healthy. When I was stuck in the hospital last year he came to visit me EVERY DAY to check my progress. He made sure that everything was being done properly at the hospital.

Dr Wishnov is a high energy doctor who does not tolerate sickness or health problems with his patients. He finds the right path to correct whatever problem may come up! I feel very lucky that I can call Dr Wishnov MY Doctor!!

Thanks for being a GREAT Doctor!! You’re the BEST!

— Richy Rich, Google Business Review —

I’ve trusted this practice with my healthcare needs for many years. They always take the time necessary to ensure I leave confident about any decisions made during my visits. The entire staff is knowledgable, compassionate, and patient-centered.

— R.R., Google Business Review — 

I felt compelled to write about doctor Bruce Wishnov and his staff. First Dr. Wishnov saved my life. I have been a patient of his for years. I had been complaining to him about some back pain. He insisted that I go for a cat scan which his office arranged for me. The results were that I had renal cancer. He arranged his time to get me into a world class surgeon. Had Dr Wishnov not taken the time with me I most certainly would be dead. I can’t say enough great things about his practice.

— Steve Alter, Healthgrades —

I’ve been seeing Dr. Wishnov for several years now and I highly recommend him as a doctor. He is friendly, helpful, polite, a good listener and is very thorough. I also only have good things to say about Him and His Staff. Definitely recommend him to one and all.

— Jeffrey Mandel, Google Business Review —